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Igambilo youth organization(IYO) is a non - profit organization (NGO) registered in 2014 at under the Ministry of Health ,Community Development ,Gender,Erdery and children of Tanzania. We are focus to empower and building capacity to women, youth, widows and vulnerable children improve the life standard, Promote equally and non - discrimination people with disabilities and HIV/AIDS awareness among the women and youth in and out of school.

Our Vision

Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages in community level.

Our Mission

To build capacity, sensitize women and youth on sustainable development and ensure that the voice of a women and youth is heard across decision-making platforms

Areas of Expertise

IYO has expertise in a range of areas, including:
  1. Human, Minority and Women’s Rights
  2. Women and Youth Empowerment
  3. HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention for women and Youth

Our Core values

Excellence: We strive for the highest technical and professional standards; celebrate innovation, learning and service.
Innovation: We strive to be proactive; creative and committed to continuous improvement.
Integrity: We are committed to professional ethics, transparency, impartiality responsibility and accountability in our actions.
Equity: We ensure non-discrimination, inclusion and fairness, in all dealings of the foundation.
Collaboration: We foster and believe in diversity, unique contribution of our employees and partners through

Main Aims and Objectives

Promote HIV awareness and encourage the youth to stay away from sexually activities or to practice safe sex.
To keep away the youth from streets, taking drugs and alcohol
To empower women and youths to gain employment or become self-employed and agent of positive change.
To use entrepreneurial skills development as a tool for poverty reduction, conflict mitigation and promotion of social cohesion.
To promote and strengthen democratic processes and civic education.
To provide sustainable development, whilst strengthening and empowering communities to ustain our work.
To promote non-formal education in fighting stereotypes, ignorance, prejudices, and inter- cultural/religious misunderstanding.
To strengthen and encourage good governance and social accountability

Our Team

Our Partner